Clearinghouse Services

It’s about using technology, creativity, and organizational expertise

Clearinghouses help to increase knowledge and understanding about their topic areas for both professional and lay audiences.

Capital Consulting Corporation (CCC) provides inventory storage, management, and clearinghouse services. These include publications and exhibit storage, publications fulfillment, materials development, Web development and Web site maintenance, inventory management, and information dissemination and hot-line services.

Inventory Management

CCC’s inventory management system provides real-time reporting on publications in stock, publications shipped, materials that need restocking, and materials shipped. Our system allows for tailoring specific functions to match the needs of our individual clients.

The ability to share critical information and new discoveries is essential to moving important programs forward.

Materials Development

Many of our contracts require the preparation and production of conventional print materials, ranging from single-page fact sheets to multivolume reports.  We write, edit, design, and produce a variety of communication and outreach materials, including brochures, posters, fliers, community kits, and interactive Internet-based products.  We develop materials that are understandable, useful, attention-getting, memorable, interesting, attractive, credible, culturally appropriate, and acceptable to the target audience.  We use quality control procedures throughout the materials development process, from research through reproduction, to ensure that the content and appearance of all materials meet each client’s standards.

Web Sites and Electronic Communications

CCC designs and maintains Web sites for various Federal agencies. Our Web development efforts are individual, client-specific sites, and include informational program Web sites, agency Web sites, collaborative sites for program groups, and data-driven Web sites for program-specific functions. Our Web capability is integrated into all of our clearinghouse services and serves as an online ordering and inventory management tool, as well as an information resource center.

Information Dissemination

Information dissemination and tracking is a process that begins with the receipt of inquiries and continues through all stages of response and fulfillment.  Our information specialists staff telephones, to take live calls.  We receive inquiries by e-mail, fax, and regular mail.  Orders are taken throughout the day and materials are distributed through courier systems, mail and UPS, and overnight delivery if required.

We create mailing lists, clean up mailing lists provided by others, provide quality control for mailing lists (for example, verifying ZIP Codes), and generate mailing labels. We sort mail and recommend the most cost-efficient and timely methods for getting the mail to the addressees on the necessary schedules; in other words, we can bar-code for the best pricing and prepackage and sort items for optimum delivery. We can manage a mailing of any size, from 200 to 20,000 pieces.

We are familiar with all forms of delivery services and their policies and procedures, including Federal Express and United Postal Service as well as the U.S. Postal Service and local courier companies. We carefully track shipments to ensure on-time delivery.

CCC has experience in packing and shipping all types of materials, including fragile items, valuable exhibits, and boxes of all weights and sizes.