Conference Planning and Management

It’s all about good planning.
Good planning makes the most complicated tasks look easy.

We support conference, training sessions, and workshops through logistics management and publications development. The target audiences for, and subject of, many of these events included underrepresented groups and special populations. CCC has supported events ranging from small, 1-day planning committee meetings to very large, multiday national conferences held throughout the Nation and internationally.

Good planning is knowing that even the most carefully conceived logistics effort is fluid and can change direction at any moment.

We are active partners with clients—from concept development through meeting closeout. We attend planning meetings and make recommendations on program content, format, and participant recruitment. We direct the logistics process, allowing our clients to focus on the meeting content. We prepare publicity pieces, interactive meeting Web sites, and meeting materials and products. We manage exhibit and poster sessions, and plan special events.

Our logistics department offers the following services:

Support to Conferences, Workshops, and Meetings
Pre-meeting Services Onsite Services Post-meeting Services
and Products
  • Planning support and program development
  • Participant identification and selection
  • Budget preparation
  • Site selection and reservation
  • Travel and lodging arrangements
  • Meeting room arrangements
  • AV arrangements
  • Publicity materials preparation and distribution
  • Letters of invitation and logistical information and pre-registration
  • Web site design/development
  • Preparation of pre-meeting materials
  • Exhibit design
  • Planning of group events
  • Editorial and graphics services
  • Registration
  • Speaker assistance
  • Information center operation
  • Recording and transcription of sessions
  • AV and other technical services
  • Press room support
  • Webcasting and satellite broadcasting
  • Production services
  • Coordination of exhibits and poster sessions and meeting room monitoring
  • Photography arrangements
  • Security services

  • Translation booths/simultaneous translation
  • Social media marketing and interactive sessions
  • Thank-you letters
  • Minutes, proceedings, and/or summaries
  • Reports of action items
  • Verbatim transcripts
  • Translation services
  • Editing of presenters’ papers
  • Technical reports and proceedings
  • Post-conference materials preparation and distribution
  • Evaluation reports and debriefings
  • Reimbursement processing
  • Vendor invoice payment
  • Interim and final report preparation

  • Financial report preparation