Electronic and Internet Services

It’s all about the appropriate tools for the specific job

We design databases for our clients and ourselves as functional tools to manage activities and programs. Our products manage complex conference logistics tasks. They track applications for scholarships, workshops, and specialized committees. And they are the engines that run our Web sites. We work carefully with our clients during the design phase ask questions first-before programming begins to minimize costly revisions later.

It's not just doing the job, but doing  it with innovation, with an eye on the future, and with the desire to do it  better than before.

We offer a professional Internet and applications development group that provides creative and effective Web solutions. We create our clients’ projects with the look, feel, and functionality they require. Our database-driven Web sites allow easy and frequent changes to site content, either by our staff or our client's staff.

Section 508 Compliance

We work closely with our clients to plan a complete inventory of their software and identify users facing accessibility challenges. The scope can be an entire site, a frequently used area, a representative sample, or a portion that would be particularly critical for use by people with visual, motor, or auditory disabilities.

Our Web sites and data-driven content are easy to use, written in plain language, inviting to the reader, quick to load, and compatible with existing systems.

Online Software Applications

Online software applications allow easy access to information by authorized users from any computer. We develop software on a secure site on the Internet or behind an agency's firewall on their internal intranet. From any location, employees, contractors, and customers are able to access and update the information they need.

Our Web and database services include:

  • Web development and page design
  • Program and informational Web sites
  • Online meeting sites and registration
  • Interactive abstract submission and approval
  • Online order taking
  • Discussion/chat rooms
  • Online and satellite broadcasts
  • Database development