Exhibit Services

It's all about form, function, and image

An exhibit becomes a three-dimensional representation of our client-it must be visually enticing, culturally appropriate, and fully functional.

Our exhibits range from simple tabletops to multiple booths with interactive components. We provide exhibit design and trade show and exhibition management for large and small events. We have managed exhibits and trade shows at some of the largest meetings in the country.

Our services include conceptualization, graphic design, and production. We believe that creating simple yet sophisticated displays ensures that the exhibit serves an informational function and provides an appropriate public image.

All exhibits are constructed from durable, high quality materials. They can be easily updated or specifically tailored.

We plan the space, the materials to bring, the placement of materials, and manage all the details of getting the exhibit there and back.

We help our clients decide which materials would be most useful to attendees, what quantities to send, and how best to send them. We can provide staff or subject matter experts to help assembly the exhibit and provide technical expertise during exhibitions.

Our exhibit services include:

  • Working closely with our client to produce a master list with a timeline for all upcoming exhibit schedules, complete with title of meeting, location, shipping information, materials development, and contact information
  • Preparing and submitting all facility exhibit booth contracts and forms
  • Maintaining and storing all exhibit materials in a climate-controlled environment
  • Performing maintenance and upgrading exhibit materials as needed
  • Coordinating all hotel logistics and travel arrangements for staff members attending and staffing exhibits.
  • Providing graphic design support and production for designing exhibits
  • Identifying cost-effective shipping methods and prepare budgets
  • Processing all bills of lading and contracts with shipping companies
  • Coordinating all logistics with exhibit trucking and shipping companies and using tracking software to verify all shipment transports
  • Overseeing construction and setup of the exhibit
  • Staff the exhibit at events and serving as representative of our client at the exhibit
  • Organizing all materials and information to be displayed at the exhibit
  • Preparing budgets, shipping information, tracking reports, materials and presentations, and evaluations
  • Coordinating onsite logistics with exhibit management, including setup, lighting, electrical requirements, security, IT support, pipe and drape, tables, chairs, carpeting, AV, and signage
  • Coordinating both tabletop and booth exhibits
  • Following up with the client in preparation of post-exhibit reports, shipping status information, maintenance information, and final budget closeout information