Health Communications

It’s successfully delivering the intended message to the intended audience to achieve the intended result.

Communication health information involves developing comprehensive programs and materials that effectively inform the public, equip health professionals, and help ensure a healthier Nation.

Communication is essential to the delivery of messages regarding services, processes and procedures, and general awareness. We provide a full range of communications and social marketing research services, and can effectively design and execute marketing and communications plans, products, and campaigns that deliver our clients’ messages and provide strategic communications services in support of their priorities.

We understand the importance of preparing the right message and targeting the appropriate media outlets to distribute the communication. We work with television stations, newspapers, and other print publications, and Internet and other nontraditional media outlets. We also manage pressrooms at meetings and conferences.

Our professional media specialists, note-takers, writers, and editors are adept at gathering meaningful information at conferences and creating energetic, attention-grabbing copy for news briefings, media advisories, and articles, including writing in language that is appropriate for various audiences, including scientists, practitioners, professionals, and the public. Working alongside our writers and editors are careful, thorough researchers whose job is to identify important topics to reformat into articles in the local, regional, or national media.